Terms * conditions

Payment and Cancellation

1)  Dear customers, please check the order at the time of purchase and before signing or making a deposit payment.

2)  A minimum deposit of 50% is required on all orders.

3)  Cancellation of orders from stock will incur a charge equivalent to 15% of the items total value.

4)  Cancellation of items ordered by Infurniti Homes specifically for a customer order will incur a charge equivalent to 40% of the cancelled items total value.

5)Custom made items are not cancellable, as we cant resell to other customers due to specific sizes and finishes.

6)  We are currently able to offer the following payment methods: EPS, Visa, MasterCard, American Express,  Hong Kong bank cheques, cash or online transfers all in HK$, US$ and Euro currency only. Unfortunately we are unable to take card payments over the telephone.

7)  For payments on delivery, drivers will only accept cash.  Customers wishing to pay by cheques must pay 3 working days before delivery.

Delivery and Acceptance

In case of inaccessible by truck or trolley, moving charge is additional to the customers. We will not be responsible for the interior size of doors, lifts, building entrance. In case of undeliverable conditions, customers can exchange goods at equivalent or more value, 15% restocking charge for unopened goods, or 20% for opened goods plus 2 return trips truck age.

A member of our team will liaise with the necessary parties to make sure delivery takes place. Customers please ensure that the property and entry is available to Infurniti Home on the pre organized time and date. Failure to do so will result in an extra delivery costs according to the size & distance of delivery. A round trip charge will be levied when a delivery is rescheduled. Customers are also reminded that the property must be in a fit state to receive the goods upon delivery, failure to do so will also result in an extra delivery cost calculated in the same way.


delivery exclude stairs climbing

For custom made wooden furniture, please allows +- 10 days tolerance due to uncertain boat schedule, humidity & temperature that affect treatment of woodwork.  However, we will make every endeavor to deliver the soonest we can. Custom made furniture can’t be exchanged, returned or refunded.

Customers must be aware that the arrival of products ordered from manufacturers and suppliers may be subject to variances from the estimated delivery date. We endeavor to meet all scheduled dates however on occasions delays in the arrival of products may require the rescheduling of deliveries.

All furniture and goods are sold at the same conditions demonstrated in our shops. Should customer prefer to buy our stock items, especially on solid wood items, we advise customers to inspect prior to shipment. As solid wood items are natural product with natural characters, we will not accept claims arising from discrepancies of natural attributes between showroom and warehouse stocks.

If customer chooses not to inspect the goods prior to delivery, all claims about the wood quality upon delivery will not be entertained. No house call touch-up service provided after goods and furniture is delivered and signed receipt by customers. Goods must be checked on delivery by the customer or their representative. We do not take responsibility for any damages or losses that reported after delivery.

 We offer 6 months manufacturing quality assurance under normal use condition.

IAll goods remain the property of Infurniti Homes until the balance of the complete order is paid in full