Maintenance tips for wooden table and furniture


Despite Our table uses selected fine oak, beech wood and walnut from the United States and Europe, we would suggest following below steps to retain its best conditions

  • Always place table in the shady area, away from heater, and avoid directly under air conditioning and spot lights for longtime.
  • In case of spill and stain, just wipe clean using damp cloth;avoid sharp abrasive steel wool or mopping brush. Our PU coating is protective only under gentle wiping and neutral detergent.
  • Use coasters and platesmats when eating or drinking.
  • In any case, scratch marks or dent ocuur, please contact professionals for repair service.

Apply professional wood oil or wood wax from every 6 months to 1 year on table, rubbing in circles repeatedly to achieve better results.


我們選用的木材如美国橡木, 胡桃木 欧洲櫸木來作實木傢俱。

  • 請將實木傢俱置於室內遠離陽光地方,和避免有火如暖炉和太乾燥的地方
  • 如果不小心濺濕檯面,請盡快用乾布抹乾,儘管檯面已用PUpolyethylene作一層保護膜。
  • 平时最好使用杯墊放置水杯於檯面上。
  • 使用長久後留下刮痕,灼傷表面,您可以僱用專業的木工師傅來修補。
  • 使用專業的木油隔一年或半年抹拭一次,用打圓圈方式均勻抹擦檯面,之後任其乾24小時